Sports Education in Schools & Sports Camps

Nurturing The Youth Of Today, For a More Active Tomorrow. 

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LB Coaching is a Norfolk based provider with over 14 years experience working with children and offering schools and parents an invaluable service for children from ages 4-12 years.

Our highly qualified and experienced team can provide the programmes and activities Tailored to your schools needs.

Our services include:

• Support and enhance the development of children in sports
• Staff CPD for schools
• Assist schools with planning, assessment and raising standards in PE
• Provide Before School, Lunchtime and After School Extra-Curricular Activities
• Holiday Sports Camps - designed to keep children fit and active throughout the holidays



The lifeblood of every Education System and Holiday Camp, we take great care to ensure the highest of standards are met within our coaching and camp sessions. From the level of assistance we give to the teaching staff, to the accreditations such as Outdoor Kids Sun Code, we are always at the forefront of PE teaching.


The Backbone of our future, we rely on our schools for the next generation of teachers, professional athletes and coaches, we believe in educating the future, it all starts today. Clear reporting structures and performance reviews of staff members and children allow us to accurately plan, inform and execute our lesson plans with expert precision. 


Why LB Coaching?

  • 1. We will ensure pupils experience having fun whilst learning at the same time.

  • 2. We will up-skill staff's knowledge and delivery within PE.

  • 4. We will provide online access to information about our staff, including their DBS numbers and evidence of their qualifications.

  • 3. We will provide individual pupil performance and attainment records.

  • 5. We will provide staff assessment and evaluations of their delivery within PE.

  • 6. We will provide fun and inclusive sport activities to keep children entertained on our Holiday Camps.

  • 7. We will provide access and use to our online PE assessment tool.

  • 8. We will provide access to structured lesson plans with specific learning outcomes.

  • 9. We will build strong and positive relationships with staff, pupils and parents.

  • 10. We will provide a wide range of sports and activities in both Curricular and Extra-Curricular lessons.

About Us

Sports Education in Schools & Sports Camps - Nurturing The Youth Of Today, For a More Active Tomorrow.