LB Coaching offers a school service which includes the delivery and enhancement of the National Curriculum for PE including Staff Continuing Professional Development. Our team of qualified coaches will work alongside schools and their staff to help achieve their aims.

All our coaches that deliver lessons within the curriculum will provide lesson plans and individual child assessments of learning progress which contributes to the school's reporting process. Our coaches will also work in partnership with school staff to provide training and evaluations of staff performances which can be used to justify School Sports Premium.

Our guarantees to you

  • We will provide a wide range of sports and activities in both Curricular and Extra-Curricular lessons.
  • We will provide access to structured lesson plans with specific learning outcomes.
  • We will provide individual pupil performance and attainment records.
  • We will provide staff assessment and evaluations of their delivery within PE.
  • We will up-skill staff's knowledge and delivery within PE.

Mike Collins – Headteacher of Woodland View Junior School

Since joining our school, LB Coaching has had a huge impact on participation and enjoyment of sports. Our children are taking more of an active role in school and their talents are being developed in different areas of sport. A great asset to our team.

Rebecca Hollis – P.E Co-ordinator of Great Witchingham Primary Academy

LB Coaching have been running our Extra Curricular Clubs for the past year and we are always keen to get LB Coaching back as were the pupils whom thrive to be part of these exciting clubs. LB Coaching have positively impacted the schools and its pupils greatly.